Up & Up (Heavens Above)

by AKS

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This one's for my brothers on the Up & Up!
All the mandem dropping singles tryna double up,
Tryna gain some elevation outta pure imagination,
Hoping future generations say we done enough,
Yea..This ones for my sisters on the up and up,
I see 'em tryna skip the bull s*** like it's double-dutch,
She said she hates her appearance but for the love of God,
Her beauty's built on foundations they couldn't cover up!

So...Heavens above,
Some man'll give up everything and find it's never enough,
We always fake it till we make it that's a genuine bluff,
And you may hate the things I say...But know I said it with love!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Heavens above,
Some gal'll give up everything and find it's never enough,
She always fakes it till she makes it, that's a genuine bluff,
And you may hate the things I say...But know I said it with love!

{Verse 1}
Expressions of love, life and its lessons,
Man I lost a couple friends for the remnants in my possession,
The pressures of industry got me measured.... misconceptions bruv,
Man I ain't preggers but mother******* expectant,
Look, never expected to resonate with their preference,
I went with being myself,
Somehow I made an impression,
On remote street corners where breddas channel aggression,
But find themselves in reflections of me and my indiscretions,
It's bars bro, that's what got me here on the precipice,
There's no pale horse but a breddas flyer than Pegasus,
the efforts that I went through to keep it real to my detriment,
The intellect, of a different class until it registers,
I'm tryna make amends for the generational deficit,
That's wealth and all its benefits,
...but money aint the emphasis, No!
Screaming 'Less is More' until the death of us,
I pray to live beyond the revelations of my genesis and yo!



{Verse 2}
Expressions of love life and lessons,
Man's just trying do his best for the next and rest in succession,
How've I been on my job since pubescent pre-adolescence,
And still this ain't my profession?...allegedly this ain't legendary,
I know they take stock if my return on investment's weak,
There's breddas making cake...should I have followed the recipe?
Planted my seed, I hope he reaps off the legacy,
There's music in my blood and I heard it's often hereditary,
My pedigree's different dawg, we of a different breed,
They seldom give you your flowers though as you live and breathe,
As long as there's some blood flowing in these capillaries,
This God given talent wont idle like he's a figurine,
I'm far from the finish line...set pace and give it time,
It never goes according to plan so family we improvise,
I sympathise with breddas with thoughts that they're under-performant,
So as plane as day...here's another instalment!...Check!



Swear Down?
I beg you tell 'em whagwan though.
Now That's Vibes!

{Verse 3}
Expressions of love, life and its lessons,
Man I grew up on the ends where them breddas poke you with weapons though,
I wonder how my life would turn out if my folks were less involved,
No post-code bro,
It's just family that's who I'm repping for!
Blessed...but still I work and let the rest indulge,
I feel I'm worth more if I'm earning a couple decimals,
Gotta be strong,
Tell my son to eat up his vegetables,
No bit part, I'm tryna play more than a couple episodes,
You see it? As far as life I'm in different a season,
Particular about peeps with whom I seek cohesion!
And for this love I'll do whatever I must,
Because…this levels above,
Just isn't levels enough...trust!

Uh! So I keep striving on the up & up,
Swear yo!....’cause I swear that heaven's above here!
You’ll see me grinding for the up & up,
Uh! Yeah!...You know how heaven’s above here?
Swear down!...I said, heaven’s above here,
Yo! So I keep griding for the up & up!


released November 12, 2020
Produced by #3Letters.
Guitar by Adrian Remedy.
Bass by Benjamin Muralt.
Additional Keys by Ade Keys.

Mixed & Mastered by Chemo.


all rights reserved



AKS London

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